Lola was brought home in May 2016 and we started on her right away. We knew there would be some rot in the back 2 corners under the window as it was visible when we purchased her. Everything else that was important, hitch, frame. tires were all in good shape. So for a fast 750 it was good deal. Knowing I was going to rip it all out it didn't matter to me if there was some water damage and repairs that needed done. The only little surprise that there was that the front right corner around the door and under the front window was rotten worse then the back. But oh well, I was replacing the floor, wall studs and veneer anyways what is one more corner repair.  First up floor joists and floor!



Well I finally got my but in gear and got the floor completely done at the end of July. It is hard to find time and energy to get out there and rebuild a floor. It was easier then I thought but very hard. If that makes any sense. It took me 3 long days to gt all the joists replaced and the floor in. Almost lost the back wall once so that is pretty good. Next I am rebuilding and replacing rotten studs. Not that many, just one board at a time. The electrical and insulation goes back in!!