The Art of Productivity as a Mom

Time is always hard to come by for an artist. You always feel like you have a lot or more time then you actually do. Just getting regular house chores and daily life activities done is a hard. Before O I was in my studio everyday, some days were productive others were a waste of time. Others were just me thinking.

 Now with O I do my thinking while watching UP or Finding Dory for the millionth time, driving or watching him play. So then when I do get out to my studio I can get right to work.  I find my productivity has increase and my art flows faster then it ever has before. Yes of course there are days where I don't want to create and it's the only day I get in my studio that week so I force myself to sit down with scraps of paper and glue and paint and just start. It is like my hands have memory. Just by starting it flows from within me. I find that once I am there I can create when I a suppose to. I have trained myself to turn it on and off. I can stop and pick right back up where I left off days later. I used to waste so much time sitting and thinking and now when I am there I create. I work when I am working.